Part Time Jobs for Students – 13 High Paying Jobs

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Working in part time jobs for students in the UK not only helps you pay the bills and repay the loans but also helps you improve your professional skills and increases your opportunities to networking. These experience boost CV and certainly helps to find full time jobs.

If you study in the UK, below are some of listed part time jobs for students.

1. Royal Mail Christmas Jobs

part time jobs for students

Royal mail gets more busy during winter with number of UK residents share Christmas wishes over the post even in this social media era. They offer various part time jobs for students from early Nov till 23 Dec at several Royal mail sites across the UK.

The jobs include part time indoor and outdoor mail sorting positions. This is a very flexible job as they have several shits such as early, late and night shifts suitable for students.

Royal mail pays you well for the Christmas jobs from £9.00 per hour. Apply for Royal Mail Christmas part time jobs for students here 

2. Call Centre Agents

Part time jobs for students

This job suits well for students who enjoy speaking with people and the work schedules are quite flexible. On an average, you can get anywhere from £8 to £12 per hour in this job.

This part time jobs for students particularly not only helps to earn money to pay bill but also added value to your resume and boost your CV. Students can improve your communication in this job and it greatly helps when attending interview for full time jobs.

You can apply here for call centre agent jobs.

3. User Testing

Part time jobs for students

User testing jobs is something you have not considered before as part time jobs for students. This is a great part time jobs for students to earn a bit of extra cash. You can work from anywhere in the UK and basic equipment you need is a PC or laptop.

This particularly helps the students who you want to work for an IT industry and it certainly boost CV.

This part time jobs for students involves test a website or any other technology products such as apps and get paid with attractive rate starting from £6 per test which takes 20 to 25 mins.

You can apply for user testing jobs here or you can google to apply in various other sites. 

If you are on Tier 4 Student, please check with the company you are applying and ensure that you will work under their payroll and not working as self-employed. This is quite important to understand so you do not breach the terms and conditions of the visa.

4. Student Brand Ambassador/Public relation (PR)

Part time jobs for students

You might have never heard of the jobs before but there are ample of opportunities in this part time jobs for students.

This job involves promoting company’s brands and products. Ideally, anyone can apply to this job, but students with excellent communications can easily fetch this job. The pay is pretty attractive for this part time jobs for students.

To get started, you can google for brand ambassador jobs, and you will find plenty of jobs to apply.

5. Data Entry Administrator

Part time jobs for students

You might be very familiar this type of part time job. However, this job is often overlooked by the students. The data entry jobs still exist even in AI era.

This job involves maintaining database information and updating it periodically in the systems. The companies want to maintain their data up to date with accuracy and useable information in their systems.

This is super flexible jobs part time jobs for students, and it can earn you anywhere from £8 to £12 per hour. You must have detail-oriented and fast and errorless typing skills for this type of jobs.

You can apply data entry jobs here.

6. Leaflet Distribution Part Time Jobs for Students

Part time jobs for students

This part time job is for people loves walking and you can get paid whilst you keep yourself fit.

This job involves delivering brochures or flyers in the letterbox through the doors. This takes about 5 to 7 hours a week for delivering leaflets to approx. 1000 households and it can earn you about £150 to £180 a month.

This is great work for people who love walking or if you want to be paid whilst you exercise to lose weight and keep fit.

You will need to be prepared to do a minimum of 5-6 hours of walking a week.

You can apply for this part time jobs here

7. Customer Care Adviser

Part time jobs for students

Every company and industry have a customer care function to deal with customer queries and problems. This is perfect part time jobs for student only when you are a patient and good listener and loves solving problems of the customer and answer their questions.

This work can be done in person, email, or telephone. You need to able to deal with frustrated customer and answer their questions promptly and calm. This part time job pays you well but it is less flexible.

You can apply for this job here.

8. Jobs in University

Part time jobs for students

Every university offers various jobs to the students and sometime these opportunities are overlooked by the students.

Some of the university jobs includes research assistant, teaching assistant and student ambassador for the university itself.

Anyone can apply for this job in your university. You need to look at your university notice boards and their website for applying to this part time jobs.

9. Warehouse Assistant

Part time jobs for students

There are several warehouses across the UK and they require people to pick & pack and arrange stocks. This a sometimes a rare job to find in your area and you can try search in the google for it. You can find job like this.

10. Food and Retail Jobs

There are several big retail and food service companies offers part time jobs for students. However, these companies have a rigorous recruitment process such as online test and interviews. This is a challenge, but it is not impossible to get through.

You will have great flexibility in this job and some pay you higher than national minimum wages. Some of them are listed below.

10a. Retail Part Time Jobs for Students

10b. Food Services Part Time Jobs for Students

Part time jobs for students

Various other retail part time jobs for students

You can search here and apply for various other retails across the UK.

11. Outdoor events

There are several festivals and events such as sports and music conducted across the UK in the summer and this is great part time jobs for students. It is fun to work in festivals as you can move around the UK.

You can work as event or festival staffs and this work involves working to set up temporary store, bars, catering and so on. You can apply here and some more links.

12. Local Jobs in Your Surrounding Areas

Part time jobs for students

It is easy to miss the local jobs available in your surrounding areas as you might be applying for bigger companies. However, it is at times easy to find jobs in your local stores and offices. You cannot apply online for these jobs and the only way to out is to knock the door and enquire for available vacancies. 

Some of them are listed below.

12a. Part Time Jobs for Students in Petrol Station

Most of the petrol stations usually have a store and they need employees to refill the stocks and work as cashier. This is more a physically demanding job and sometimes is less flexible and pay you less.

12b. Part Time Jobs for Students in Stadium

If there are any football and cricket stadiums in your area, it is likely that there will be some part jobs for students. For example, in Glassgow, there is a Celtic and Rangers football clubs that has part time jobs for students. They pay above minimum wages for students.

12c. Part Time Jobs for Students in Local stores

There are local restaurants and groceries store in your area looks for part time workers. It is usually not advertised online but advertised in the stores as a notice.

13. Volunteering

Last but not the least. Volunteering does not earn you money, but it greatly helps you to improve your communications and organisation skills. This will provide great opportunity to network with leaders from various business and helps you land in full time job after graduating.

Do considering volunteering atleast until you find a paid part time job. There are various roles you can find and work within your same stream of studies which will help you land on a full-time job.

You can apply for volunteering jobs here.


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