I started NJURLIFE, a financial and educational blog to help educate myself on personal finance, career and self development. This to track my progress and share my journey from being in debt to growing my net worth and eventually achieve financial independence.


What Took Me Here?

I migrated to United Kingdom in 2010 to purse my masters degree in Supply Chain Management.

I started my career in a corporate company and over the years I climbed up on the career ladder and ofcourse with an increase in salary.

The more I earned, the more I spent and end up having high debt, savings less or not enough for uncertainties. This worried me. The mantra to stop worrying is take action. I have set myself a goal to live a life of debt free and financially independent.

I sow the seeds to save for the future by making more money, efficiently manage and save money. Now, I am on happy journey to achieve the financial independence.


What Does Financial Independence Means?

Different people have different meaning to financial independence . To me it means, not just dream but living the dream by having the freedom to make my life choices freely without having to worry about money and do what I love to do.


How to Achieve Financial Independence?

Simply by exploring various ways to make additional money and effectively manage the money I make and invest to grow the money by sending out to work for me rather I am working for money. It sound simple, isn’t it? I know, it is not as simple as it sounds. Exploring the world you have never seen before provides you with challenges and the one face challenges and be persistent, always succeeds! I am ready to face the challenge and achieve my goal of living financially free.


Who Am I?

I am Naresh Jayakumar and I’m based out of the UK. If you ever feel the more you earn, the more you spend? or ever feel you have not saved enough for uncertainties like a pandemic? 

Ever dream of becoming financially independent and live your life by spending your time on things you enjoy and love to do?

You’re not alone. I have been there too and had the Sunday evening feeling.

I set up this blog to educate others who are in the same boat as me to overcome lifestyle inflation. My content will provide you with candid guidance on personal finance and inspire you to get better with your personal finance. Please follow along on my journey by signing up to my mailing list to receive notifications on new posts. Happy Learning:)

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